Financing the energy transition in emerging economies
CEEW CEF acts as a non-partisan market observer and driver that monitors, develops, tests, and deploys financial solutions to advance the energy transition. It aims to help deepen markets, increase transparency, and attract capital in the clean energy sectors of emerging economies. It achieves this by comprehensively tracking, interpreting, and responding to developments in the energy markets while also bridging gaps between governments, industry, and financiers.
CEF organises frequent focus group discussions to track trends and design market responsive solutions
CEF shared learnings from India’s RE sector at the Solar Show, Vietnam, April 2019
In April-May 2019, CEF advised key officials and experts in Indonesia and South Africa on risks and opportunities in financing the clean energy transition
Supporting the energy transition in emerging economies
CEEW CEF is committed to working with governments, industry, and investors in emerging economies around the world to develop coherence around policies, market needs, and the risks and opportunities for investment. Each market will need specific market responsive solutions to enable the flow of private capital into its clean energy sectors, and the CEEW Centre for Energy Finance will support in designing, testing, and implementation of these solutions.
Our Team
The CEEW Centre for Energy Finance has a growing team of multidisciplinary curious experts, committed to accelerating the global energy transition in emerging economies