Installed Renewable Energy Capacity
Key Players
  • Togo Minister of Mines and Energy (MINISTERE DES MINES ET DE L’ENERGIE)
  • Authorite de Reglementation du sector de L’electricite( ARSE)
  • The Compagnie d’Energie Electrique du Togo (CEET)
  • Togolese Agency for Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy(AT2ER)
  • Law No. 2018-010 on the Promotion of the Production of Electricity Based on Renewable Energy Sources in Togo
  • Plan d'Actions National des Energies Renouvelables (PANER)
  • Plan Actions National d’Efficacité Energétique (PANEE)
  • Plans d’actions nationaux des énergies renouvelables, d’efficacité énergétique et de l’énergie durable pour tous (SE4ALL)
  • Togo-Solar Irradiation and PV Power Potential Maps
  • IRENA RE Resource
  • West Africa Policy Note
  • Togo Electrification Strategy
  • UNEP Togo Energy Profile
  • SEE4ALL Togo
  • Togo Evaluation rapide et analyse des Gaps
  • West African Solar opportunities
  • Scale Up Renewable Energy Program In Low Income Countries (SREP)
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Key Economic Indicators
  • GDP (current)
    USD 4.76 Billion
    in 2017
  • GDP growth rate (current)
    in 2017
  • WB Ease of doing business rank
    in 2018
  • Foreign direct investment
    USD 145.59 Million
    in 2017
  • Lending interest rate to private sector
    in 2017
  • Domestic Credit to Private Sector
    in 2017
Key Energy Indicators
  • Electric power consumption per capita
    152.72 kWh
    in 2014
  • Share of electricity from RE in grid
    in 2015
Sovereign Credit Rating
  • Standard & Poor's
  • Moody's
  • Fitch
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