India is the second most populous and seventh largest country by land area in the world. The power sector, with over 350 GW of installed capacity, ranks third globally in terms of size. With a target of 175 GW of installed renewable energy capacity by the year 2022, India offers one of the world’s largest renewable energy markets.
Installed Power Capacity Breakup in India
Electricity Generation From Different Sources
REC Market in India
REC Demand
Installed Power Capacity Trend
Installed RE capacity Trend
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  • Global Rank
    in installed RE capacity (2020-21)
  • RE installation target (2022)
    175 GW
    current installed capacity 87 GW
  • Peak energy demand
    183.1 GW
    in 2020-21
  • RES in total electricity generation
    10.9 %
    in 2020-21
  • FDI permitted
    100 %
    in power and automobile sector
  • Transmission network
    425k Ckm
    as of March 2020
Corporate Tax Structure
Key Govt. Agencies
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