Assam, India's largest north-eastern state by population, has a population of 31.2 million. It's known for its petroleum resources, with the third-largest production of petroleum and natural gas in the country, as well as ample limestone reserves.
Installed and Allocated Power Capacity
Electricity Generation from Different Sources
Power Supply
REC Demand
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Key Indicators
  • CEF state rating
    3.0 / 5
    Utility-Scale RE
  • Installed and allocated power capacity
    1794 MW
    as on March 2021
  • Installed and allocated RE capacity
    79 MW
    as on March 2021
  • RES in total electricity generation
    0.7 %
    in 2020-21
  • Ease of doing business rank
    17 / 36
    in 2017
Economic Indicators
Infrastructure Indicators
Key Regulations
Key Govt. Agencies
Bihar, with a population of 104 million, has 80% of the population employed in agricultural production.It has a large base of industrial labour, making it attractive for industries such as food processing, dairy, sugar, manufacturing and healthcare.