Punjab has a population of 27.7 million and as much as 82% of it’s land under cultivation. Given it's long history of high agriculture yield, the prosperous state has good road, rail and air transport connectivity and infrastructure facilities. It provides investment opportunities in sectors such as textiles, agro-based industries, IT, automotive and auto components, sports goods and light engineering goods.
Installed and Allocated Power Capacity
Electricity Generation from Different Sources
Power Supply
REC Demand
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Key Indicators
  • CEF state rating
    3.7 / 5
    Utility-Scale RE
  • Installed and allocated power capacity
    14389 MW
    as on March 2021
  • Installed and allocated RE capacity
    1617 MW
    as on March 2021
  • RES in total electricity generation
    11.48 %
    in 2020-21
  • Ease of doing business rank
    20 / 36
    in 2017
Economic Indicators
Infrastructure Indicators
Key Regulations
Key Govt. Agencies
Rajasthan has a population of 68.6 million and is India's leading producer of cement grade limestone. The state has rich resources of 81 varieties of minerals, with 57 minerals being produced on a commercial scale. The natural resources, policy incentives and infrastructure in the state are suited for investments in sectors such as cement, agriculture and allied industries, mineral and mineral processing industries. It has one of the highest solar and wind potential in India.