Installed Renewable Energy Capacity
Key Players
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
  • Agency for Natural Resources and Energy(ANRE)
  • Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA)
  • Japan Renewable Energy Corporation
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPC)
  • New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
  • New Energy Foundation (NEF)
  • Institute of Applied Energy (IAE)
  • Japan Electric Power Information Center(JEPIC)
  • Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission (EGMSC)
  • Strategic Energy Plan
  • Long-term Energy Supply and Demand Outlook
  • FiT Scheme
  • Energy Policy, 2002
  • Japan-Solar Irradiation and PV Power Potential Maps
  • IRENA RE Resource data
  • Japan Policy Database
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • IEA Japan Energy Statistics
  • National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in JAPAN
  • World Bank Japan
  • Website for Japan Statistics Bureau
  • Website for Japan country landscape
  • Japan Case Study
  • Renewable Energy Financing Case Studies: Lessons to be Learned from Successful Initiatives
  • Kaneka is bringing Japanese photovoltaic products to world
  • Support for PV in Japan and Germany
  • Case Study Collection: High Penetration of PV in local distribution grids
  • Renewable Energy Policies and the Energy Transition in Japan
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Key Economic Indicators
  • GDP (current)
    USD 4872.42 Billion
    in 2017
  • GDP growth rate (current)
    in 2017
  • WB Ease of doing business rank
    in 2018
  • Foreign direct investment
    USD 18837.52 Million
    in 2017
  • Lending interest rate to private sector
    in 2017
  • Domestic Credit to Private Sector
    in 2017
Key Energy Indicators
  • Electric power consumption per capita
    7819.71 kWh
    in 2014
  • Share of electricity from RE in grid
    in 2015
Sovereign Credit Rating
  • Standard & Poor's
  • Moody's
  • Fitch
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